My new favorite: a Crosley record player


I haven’t posted for a long time. I am sorry for that. I have been busy lately. Still, I should’ve found the time for at least giving a short update about what’s going on in my life. So, here is this brief update: Nothing special.

Let me elaborate that. Last time I wrote, I told you that we had some difficulties with my boyfriend. We have moved together and in the beginning, it didn’t go as smoothly as we had imagined it. We both noticed it and talked a lot about what may be the cause. We concluded that we both neglected the other one. We decided to spend some more time together and try to get back on the right path. Now you know the reason for not posting for such a long time. Whenever we had some free time we spent it together. We did anything but together. The good news is that it has worked! Now I feel like everything is the way it was before. I am so happy!

red and black turntable

The other day he even bought me a gift. A beautiful turntable I have wanted for a long time. He knows I love my vinyl’s. Unfortunately, my old turntable went wrong in a way that it could not be repaired. So, for months I couldn’t listen to my vinyl’s. How thoughtful of him! I still cannot believe he surprised me with it.

It has been on, playing my favorite songs since I have received it. I can tell it sounds great (much better than the old one) and it looks amazing, too. It fits our living room perfectly. It was produced by the manufacturer Crosley Radio and it has a vintage look which I love (you know how much I love vintage). I looked up some info about the company and about this model (Electrohome) on this site: Pick My Turntable. They write only good things about this model in their review, even calling it “almost perfect”. Well, for me it is perfect!