Finding the inner peace with a massage chair

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Finding the inner peace with a massage chair


After the stories about me becoming a godfather and the connection between learning how to cook and getting a girlfriend, now I want to write about something more useful.

I know a lot of you, my followers, suffer from backpain and I think I found the saint grail for you: massage chair.

I know, you all were at a massage salon, at least once in your life and that was great. After that using a massage chair would be nothing else but a pile of lottery tickets without winning a single buck. If I am right most of you think that won’t worth its price, but maybe you are wrong.

Did you try any new massage chair in the past years? I don’t know what they did with these products, but guys…. It’s simple amazing.

I was sceptical in the beginning just like you, but after I had the opportunity to try one at my friend’s house, I realised that I was wrong, very-very wrong.

These things must be made in heaven. It took away my backpain in an instant, and gave me balance to my soul instead. But unfortunately, I had to leave, because I sat in it for 3 hours and my friend had enough of me.

After I went home I rushed to my computer and tried to figure out, which could be the most cost-efficient way to own one massage chair. I came across a site, with massage chair reviews: It gave me the idea not to be cheap on this topic, because you only have one body and you have to take care of it. After some article, I found the best for my needs. It was a little bit expensive, but as I remembered to the peace I felt when I was in a massage chair, I hit the order button instantly.

And now? Now, I own a half-luxury massage chair, my backpain is no longer a thing I worry about and my life getting better and better…

Stay tuned!