“…and Google said: buy a convertible car seat…!” 5:12-21


car seat for babies

My sister and his husband last month announced that my sister is pregnant. Furthermore they told me that they would like to ask me to become the new-born’s godfather. That was a really touchy moment. Of course I sad yes to this opportunity.

After the big happiness I realised that this position means that I have to bring the best and most useful gift to them, and I’m not really good in things like that…

I asked a lot of my friends about what would they bring, but noone could gave me ideas that I could found interesting. So I was alone…again… I had to figure it out myself.

Fortunately if everythings fail, the super-genius-awesome Google can provide some guidance (from learning how to kiss – to how to generate $1million dollar / month). So I asked the oraculum about what to choose for my soon to be Godson. And the Oraculum answered: “Buy a convertible car seat! This way the parents won’t have to buy a new one every year. Your gift will be the best one!”

And because who am I, not to believe in these words, I started to search for the the best convertible car seat, for my godson. The site I linked provides much more than enough information about the types of these products and have helped me to choose which would suit the best as a gift. I chosed a pretty durable, but still portable one from Britax. It’s a pretty reliable brand with more than 40 years of experience. It was at about 20% more expensive than it’s competitors, but that’s still not a price if you can know your child in safe.

I already ordered it and now I just have to wait 4 more months to give them this awesome gift. At least I don’t have to worry about it anymore.